Complete FS named best packager by GE Money

Complete FS, the intermediary focused packager, has been voted ‘Best Packager’ for 2013 by GE Money. The award, which was .presented by GE Money Head of Sales, Nikki Warren, is based on feedback from networks and individual intermediaries.

GE Money seek nominations from intermediaries throughout the year, based on the value they place on individual packagers and whether they would use them again. GE Money also takes into account the quality of the packaged cases being sent to them. Tony Salentino, Director of Complete FS, said “ Obviously we are delighted to be recognised as GE Money’s best packager. The positive votes of our introducers are a tremendous encouragement for the whole team and demonstrate that all their hard work is being noticed by their brokers and key staff at GE Money. The stand out accolade for my fellow director, Phil Jay, and me is that Complete FS is producing packaged cases which meet the high administrative and underwriting standards of GE Money.”

Nikki Warren, Head of Sales at GE Money commented, “Complete FS are worthy winners of our award this year. All of our packager partners offer high standards of service to intermediaries and to GE, but Complete FS were clear winners in the opinion of introducers as well as providing us with the kind of cases we wanted, presented in a way that made them easy to underwrite quickly and effectively.”

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