Complete FS offers exclusive refund of valuation and warns on ensuring value in the lending chain

Complete FS, the intermediary packager, is now offering a full refund of valuation on Precise Mortgages’ innovative new bridge to let product and believes that the whole lending market needs to ensure that customers are receiving maximum value from every transaction.

Complete, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary of unbroken service to the broker community, is a firm believer in adding value to brokers and their clients. According to Director, Phil Jay, the position of non regulated packagers in the marketplace is already on the FCA’s radar and need to recognise the importance of constantly demonstrating the added value, which brokers and lenders appreciate. He said, “Our refund of valuation on this product attempts to spotlight the importance of this novel product, which Precise Mortgages have designed to provide a flexible alternative to light refurb products. Now the market is beginning a sustained recovery, it is also vital that all of us involved in marketing and distribution, continue to stand for complete fee transparency and make sure the value we bring to the market is not eclipsed by excessive fee charging, which ultimately is borne by the client.”

Alan Cleary, Managing Director of Precise Mortgages, commented, “Our bridge to let product has an important role to play in the short term lending market and we are pleased to see that Complete FS is highlighting its role. We have long championed complete transparency, particularly in respect of the calculation of interest on bridging deals. The regulator has made it clear that it will not fail to act where it sees outcomes it considers detrimental to customers and we all need to ensure that the highest standards are maintained to show the regulator we match our words with actions.”

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