Tony Salentino replying to direct access to underwriters

Complete FS’ Director, Tony Salentino responding to the call from brokers to have direct access to underwriters due to increasing client circumstances becoming more complex said,

“I completely agree that getting cases across the line is becoming more problematic for brokers. However, direct access to underwriters is not the only route to get client cases agreed and completed. Packagers like Complete FS, have been working as important lending conduits for years, particularly in the specialist lending sector. They have built up a level of knowledge of their lenders’ requirements and an intimate relationship with underwriters, which individual brokers could never hope to match.

In addition, we have just announced our first on site underwriter for Kent Reliance and this trend of lenders embedding underwriters in packagers’ offices is a move we shall see a lot more of in the near future.

As mortgage demand increases and with the needs of brokers, their clients and the regulator having to be accommodated, more lenders are seeing the packager/distributor model of distribution as a logical as well as a welcome enhancement to their service offering and the growing need for information and close contact.

Brokers should look again at making use of their local packager/distributor as a centre of expertise. Our knowledge and close underwriter relationships provide a robust platform for any broker wishing to ensure that their clients’ circumstances are fully understood and underwriting can take place with the minimum of hold ups.

When you add in onsite underwriters onto our expertise, the packager proposition makes more and more sense to busy brokers.”

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