Complete FS completes biggest buy-to-let case

Complete FS has completed its biggest buy-to-let case, with the remortgage of a £21.6m buy-to-let portfolio of 100 properties.

The case, which also included incorporating the portfolio into a limited company structure, was funded by Interbay Commercial, part of OneSavings Bank.

Damian Cain, director of Complete FS, said: “This was a four way process which involved the clients’ mortgage adviser, his tax adviser and the teams at Complete FS and Interbay.

“Due to the complexity of this deal, we requested the adviser work closely with the customer’s tax specialist to ensure that a limited company structure was indeed the right solution and that the correct procedures were followed to make it happen.

“At the same time, we looked at all the potential remortgage options and having talked it through with some of our lenders, we decided to opt for Interbay as they had the ability, expertise and experience to assist with such a large and complicated case.

“We negotiated a bespoke deal with Interbay, who throughout the process demonstrated an accommodating and flexible approach, enabling us to produce an offer which was bespoke for the customer.

“The value that firms like Complete FS bring to the intermediary sector is encapsulated in this case, but I cannot overemphasise the benefit of the professionalism of all parties working together to produce a satisfactory outcome.”

Chris Croake, director at Choice Mortgage Solutions, said: “I cannot speak highly enough of the assistance provided by the team at Complete FS.

“Damian and fellow director Phil Jay were always available to assist me. From the very first call I made to Damian, when he made me aware of the Ramsay ruling, to the work that Phil did in conjunction with Interbay to deliver a great customer outcome, the whole process has been extremely professional.”

Adrian Moloney, sales director at OneSavings Bank, said: “We have worked closely with the team at Complete and, over time have developed a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. The value of that relationship was very much in evidence here.

“This is one of the larger loans we have provided and due to its complexity, required close and open co-operation between Complete and ourselves to ensure the right outcome was delivered for the customer and met his adviser’s requirements.

“We are delighted to have been able to assist and provide a solution, which might very well have not happened without the relationship between us and Complete FS.”

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