I’m sure we can all agree these are challenging times. At Kent Reliance for Intermediaries, we’re here to help our brokers navigate through the various obstacles and provide their clients with solutions.

Whilst physical property inspections still remain unavailable, following government restrictions, we’ve worked closely with our valuation panel partners to find a way to help. We’re pleased to confirm that we’re now able to accept desktop valuations on residential and buy to let mortgages.

What you need to know – our desktop valuation criteria:
  • Available up to 60% LTV
  • Max loan size of £360k
  • Property value between £75k and £600k
  • No valuation or admin fees
  • Available for both purchases and remortgages
  • Available in England and Wales
View the new residential and buy to let product ranges here. These also include further details of the new criteria and the restrictions that apply. From myself and the entire team, stay safe and look after yourselves.

Working with Complete FS

As a company we have worked with Complete FS since 2011. The Directors at Complete FS were instrumental in the relaunch of Kent Reliance and helped in the design and roll out of our proposition to the specialist market. Complete FS are one of a handful of our partners who have access to all 3 brands of One Savings Bank intermediary offering.
We have recently strengthened the partnership by committing an on-site underwriter to manage their business 3 days a week. The professionalism that they show in everything they do is second to none, as a company they are fully committed to ensuring positive customer outcomes.
They have invested in the development of their staff and the fact that they celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2018 is testament to the longevity and commitment they have from a very loyal intermediary base. We are delighted to work with them across all our brands and build on the knowledge that they have within the specialist distribution arena.

For applications through Kent Reliance the following application/valuation fee will be collected. In the event that the application does not proceed and valuation not instructed Complete FS will retain the £99 application fee.
Value of Property  Application Fee StandardHMO/Specialist
Up to £150,000£399 £699
£150,001 - £200,000 £499 £699
£200,001 - £250,000 £499 £699
£250,001 - £300,000 £499 £799
£300,001 - £350,000 £599 £799
£350,001 - £400,000 £599 £899
£400,001 - £450,000 £599 £899
£450,001 - £500,000 £599 £899
£500,001 - £600,000 £799 £1,199
£600,001 - £700,000 £799 £1,199
£700,001 - £800,000 £799 £1,199
£800,001 - £900,000 £999 £1,399
£900,001 - £1Million £999 £1,399
£1 Million & above Please refer Please refer
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