ProductGross Fee paid by lenderNet fee paid to regulated brokerNet Fee paid to non-regulated & client referral service
Residential Near Prime0.80%0.40%0.20%
Buy to Let0.70%0.45%0.22%
Further Advance0.35%0.25%0.10%
Whether your client’s a landlord with a portfolio of four or 40 properties, our flexibility, individual case assessment and empowered sales team means we could help you meet their needs.

Here’s an example of how Kent Reliance for Intermediaries could support you with your portfolio landlord cases: You’re approached by a client with an existing portfolio of 43 properties valued at around £10.75 million.

They’d like to expand their buy to let business by purchasing an additional property worth £250,000 but are struggling to find a mortgage – many lenders have a cap on the number of properties and/or a maximum mortgage value.

Fortunately, Kent Reliance for Intermediaries doesn’t set a limit on the number or value of properties mortgaged with us. What’s more, we don’t set limits on the size or value of existing portfolios held with other lenders.

Our experienced underwriters assess the application and are able to offer your landlord client the mortgage they need to make the purchase.

As a leader in the specialist mortgage market and part of the OSB Group, Kent Reliance for Intermediaries offers a range of buy to let and residential mortgage products for clients that may not fit the criteria of mainstream lenders.
Our market knowledge and willingness to look at each application individually gives us the ability to see the potential and help brokers navigate challenging cases.

With our manual, handcrafted underwriting process and unrivalled personal service provided by our empowered national team of business development managers, we could provide tailored solutions that support you and your clients.

Products and criteria
Our flexible, common-sense approach means we’re ready to tackle a diverse range of different borrowing needs. Here are just a few example of how we could support your clients.

Buy to let mortgages
Whether they’re a first-time investor or an experienced limited company landlord, our buy to let range features products to suit any property type, which could make it easier for you to place your cases.

  • First-time landlords – We accept HMO applications for properties with up to six bedrooms, and loans with just a 20% deposit are available to help aspiring landlords buy their first HMO
  • Personal ownership landlords – We accept consumer buy to let applications. We don’t require experienced landlords to have their own residential property
  • Limited company landlords – We accept intercompany loans, shareholder deposits and director loans as deposits. We also accept newly formed SPVs and LLPs and don’t apply specific SIC code requirements
  • Portfolio landlords – There’s there’s no limit on the number or value of properties mortgaged with us and we don’t set a limit on the size or value of existing portfolios held with other lenders
  • HMO/MUFB landlords – We’ll consider properties with up to 10 bedrooms or units, as well as applications with multiple units on a single freehold

Residential mortgages
From clients with a multi-source income to newly qualified professionals, we cut through the complexity to provide residential mortgage solutions for even the most complex of scenarios. Here are just a few of the different client types we could help.

  • Multi-source income – We consider 100% of secondary income in many scenarios and accept multi-source income from employment, self-employment or a combination of both
  • Entrepreneurs – We accept earnings from professional landlords as a full-time income source. We’ll also consider properties bought for cash and renovated to increase their value for remortgaging within six months of ownership, providing this can be fully evidenced
  • Self-employed – We accept applications with a minimum of one year’s accounts and can work on a projection for year two based on an uplift of up to 30% of the first year’s figures
  • High net worth income – No maximum loan amount options available and complex income sources such as sportspersons, musicians and actors are understood and considered
  • Newly qualified professionals – No maximum loan amount at 90% LTV and loans up to £1.5 million at 95% LTV available. We can consider lending up to £1 million at up to 100% market share value on our shared ownership products

Working with Complete FS

As a company we have worked with Complete FS since 2011. The Directors at Complete FS were instrumental in the relaunch of Kent Reliance and helped in the design and roll out of our proposition to the specialist market. Complete FS are one of a handful of our partners who have access to all 3 brands of One Savings Bank intermediary offering.
We have recently strengthened the partnership by committing an on-site underwriter to manage their business 3 days a week. The professionalism that they show in everything they do is second to none, as a company they are fully committed to ensuring positive customer outcomes.
They have invested in the development of their staff and the fact that they celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2018 is testament to the longevity and commitment they have from a very loyal intermediary base. We are delighted to work with them across all our brands and build on the knowledge that they have within the specialist distribution arena.

For applications through Kent Reliance the following application/valuation fee will be collected. In the event that the application does not proceed and valuation not instructed Complete FS will retain the £99 application fee.
Value of Property  Application Fee StandardHMO/Specialist
Up to £150,000£399 £699
£150,001 - £200,000 £499 £699
£200,001 - £250,000 £499 £699
£250,001 - £300,000 £499 £799
£300,001 - £350,000 £599 £799
£350,001 - £400,000 £599 £899
£400,001 - £450,000 £599 £899
£450,001 - £500,000 £599 £899
£500,001 - £600,000 £799 £1,199
£600,001 - £700,000 £799 £1,199
£700,001 - £800,000 £799 £1,199
£800,001 - £900,000 £999 £1,399
£900,001 - £1Million £999 £1,399
£1 Million & above Please refer Please refer
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