N&P Commercial Mortgages

N&P Commercial Mortgages offers an award-winning commercial mortgage service to both trading businesses and property investors who are based in the UK. Over 25 years ago, they set up a specialist team to deal with commercial mortgage enquiries, and now the team has over 2,000 mortgage customers.

  • Offset commercial mortgage – use the balance in your Business Gold Current Account to offset up to 30% of the mortgage.
  • Flexible commercial mortgage – borrow up to 30% of the mortgage as a flexible facility, which works similar to an overdraft
  • You can draw or repay when you like.
  • Commercial investment properties
  • Lending amounts £75,000 – £10,000,000 maximum per portfolio.
  • Loan terms from 5 to 25 years.
  • Fast, efficient and personal service from application through to completion.
  • LTV typically up to 75%.
  • VAT bridging facility available for a period of 12 weeks on an interest only basis.
  • Experienced in Pension Scheme & Self Build lending.
  • Lending managers visit all customers with loan amounts over £200,000.
  • Variable rates – 50% of the balance can be repaid annually without charge (early repayment charges will apply to amounts over this).
  • Fixed rates are also available.
  • Early repayment charges usually apply to all our commercial products.
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