ProductGross Fee paid by lenderNet fee paid to regulated broker Net Fee paid to non-regulated & client referral service
All Products0.80%0.40%0.225%

This is great for helping clients maximise their income when purchasing or remortgaging their residential property. To achieve the maximum 6x income the following minimum requirements need to met:

  • Very good credit history
  • Low commitments 
  • Income circa £40k (basic) per applicant 
  • Long term
  • Up to 6x income multiple
  • Max LTV 85%, £500k
  • Purchase rates from 3.14%
  • Remortgage rates from 3.24%
  • Remortgage free legals & valuation
  • Fixed arrangement fee of £1,499
Here are some key lending points:
  • Family Assist Product – 100% LTV borrowing, can use parent’s savings or equity to act as security on child’s property purchase.
  • Assist To Buy – Allow use of Proportunity, Even or Ahauz loan to increase affordability.
  • Rental income – Use an average of the last 2 years SA302s.
  • CIS workers – treated as employed, salary based on 6 month average.
  • No credit scoring.
  • Missed payments – can accept ‘blips’ up to status 2 in the last 2 years.
  • Can consider up to 3 payday loans within the last 12 months subject to underwriter agreement.
  • Accept up to 4 applicants per application.
  • Second homes – allow property to be let on short term basis when not in family use.
  • Later life – able to lend to age 95 for standard residential cases and until death or life event for RIO cases.
  • No credit scoring
  • CIS treated as employed
  • Up to 6x income multiple
  • Family concessionary purchase with gifted equity
  • Can consider missed payments
  • Can allow small CCJs and Defaults
  • No minimum income requirement for interest only
  • Later life lending products for retired clients
  • Retirement properties accepted (min value £200k)
  • Second homes can be let on short term rental whilst not in family use
  • Like for like re-mortgage product available for mortgage prisoners
  • Lending up to 100% using Family Assist product or 95% on standard products
Buy to Let
  • ICR from 125% at pay rate
  • 5 year fixed products stressed at pay rate
  • 1 Applicant must earn £20,000
  • Expats accepted including FTB
  • LCBTL purchasing using intercompany loan or transferred equity from personal name considered

Proc Fee 0.45%

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