Vida Homeloans


We are really excited to announce the return to market of Vida Homeloans. They are certainly going to hit the ground running with some amazing rates and extra special criteria, giving more options for your clients.
Here are some of the highlights: 

  • 2 Yr rates from 3.24%
  • 5 Yr rates from 3.69%
  • 85% LTV available up to Vida 3, 80% LTV on Vida 4, 75% LTV on Vida 5
  • Fee saver options on all tiers
  • Help To Buy product range
  • £25,000 min loan, £1.5m max loan

Who do they lend to? 

  • Clients with impaired credit – 5 tiers available depending on the severity of the impaired credit
  • Clients using the Help To Buy initiative – also available with impaired credit
  • Clients with quirky property types – flats above commercial, ex local authority flats, studio flats, new build houses/flats
  • Self employed with only 12 months trading
  • Contractors with minimum 6 months contract or rolling 3 months renewed at least once
  • First Time Buyers – 85% LTV naturally but with gifted deposits or gifted equity from close relatives
See product guides below.
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