Bank of China

On 4th November 1929, Bank of China set up an office which was named "Bank of China London Agency" in London, this was not only the first branch of the Bank to be set up overseas, but was also the first overseas financial institution formed by any Chinese bank. The Bank of China in London has continued to expand steadily over the years, earning a good reputation and becoming an important member of the City's banking community.

2007, when it happened to be the 78th anniversary of London Branch, the Financial Services Authority approved Bank of China to establish a UK subsidiary - Bank of China (UK) Limited. Its establishment has been significant to the development of Bank of China Group in both Britain and Europe. Since then, UK subsidiary has run alongside London Branch, striving for excellence, and technological advancement, while continuing to maintain a competitive edge and to promote the Bank's image and reputation in the UK. New sub-line of the registered capital reached two hundred million pounds, can also carry out retail and corporate business, and in the City of London, China Town, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow has a network.

Bank of China have very competitive base rate tracker products, lending up to 80% LTV on residential and 75% on buy to let. All loans are undertaken on a purely repayment basis.