Track all your cases from simple enquiries all the way through to completed applications.
Integrated sourcing across our entire panel of specialist lenders, Residential, BTLs, Ex-pats and more! We’ve built in combined sourcing as well.
The ability to generate both KFI’s and Evidence of research for any and all products that your enquiries may source.
Case workflows mean you can keep up to date with your applications and where they are by just logging in.
Changing lender? No problem, once the information has been inputted once, you can switch lenders with ease as well as copying the case for your clients second / third or fourth applications.
Pre-populated application forms for each of our lenders will save you time and energy.
Upload any document direct to the system, GDPR friendly.
24/7 access allows you to check the status of your case whenever you want, wherever you are.
Lender integration allowing you to receive a full lender DIP response from just one input.
Instant updates keep you informed whenever your case progresses.
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