Yes, there are loans at 95% LTV with credit blips
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New rates at 95% with blips
How many times do you get Credit Score FAILED with high street lenders at 95%?

Great News - Complete FS still has this limited distribution Near Prime product to 95% LTV

So why would you consider Kensington?

Credit History
As you well know the high street will often kick out a case for certain historic credit blips, but here's how we can get you some 'Accepts':
  • Defaults accepted if over 3 years
  • Communication defaults ignored
  • Mortgages/Secured loans arrears accepted if over 3 years
  • CCJ's accepted if over 6 years
  • Unsecured credit - max 2 down in 12 months (now up to date)
  • DMP's accepted if in place for 1 year
  • Payday loans accepted if over 1 year

It's not just credit blips we can help with, there are other scenario's where Kensington can make the difference:
  • Failed credit score
  • Only limited credit history
  • Self employed - 2 yrs trading but work on latest year
  • Contractors acceptable
  • Gifted deposit acceptable from close family
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