Despite the current market restrictions, Complete FS has been working hard to secure a new lender, that can help landlords raise funds on their portfolio to improve or increase their housing stock.

With access to a new unique flexible credit facility, Complete FS are ready to help your portfolio landlord clients quickly by simply drawing down funds from their current stock up to 70% LTV.

Secure Credit Facility £25,000 - £750,000 
1st or 2nd charge
Option to secure against multiple BTL properties
Up to 70% LTV
Lend in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland
1% Arrangement, no ERC’s
Free AVM’s to 70% LTV
Initially 3 yr facility but can be renewed
What are Landlords securing funds for?
Funding new purchases
Funding deposit shortfalls
Speculative auction properties
Repairs & refurbishments
Repay other short term debt
During these times of uncertainly and funding restrictions the entrepreneurial landlord will see this as an opportunity – so could you?

 If you would like to know more about this unique product please email
or call on
02380 450502
02380 450513
02380 450514
02380 450509
02380 450182
*These product types are restricted by some Networks.