There seems to be a lot of good news coming down the track from the specialist lenders but appreciate that you don’t want to be overloaded with too many individual updates, so here’s a summary of the latest improvements:
Residential & BTL’s NOW up to 70% LTV
 AVM’s accepted
 Resi rates from 3.39%
 BTL rates from 3.24%
 Loans up to £525,000
 Max property value £750,000
 Standard properties only
BTL NOW up to 70% LTV for remortgages
Desktop valuations accepted + internal & external photos by client
Open Banking & dual rep solicitors
Rates at 65%LTV 3.45% - 70%LTV 3.55%, 1 yr fixed
Can switch to a new product once physical valuations are possible
Residential & BTL’s NOW up to 70% LTV
AVM’s accepted
Resi rates from 3.14%
BTL rates from 2.99%
Loans up to £525,000
Maximum property £750,000
Standard properties only
Bridging NOW up to 50% LTV
Regulated & non-regulated
AVM’s accepted
Rates 0.49%pm for loans above £200,000
Loans £50,000 - £375,000
Residential NOW up to 80% LTV
 Desktops to 80%, but they will want a full valuation before completion
 No credit score, manual underwrite
Residential rates start from 1.47%
 Self employed with only 1 yrs accounts with rates from 2.74%
 Contractor mortgages with rates from 2.64%
Residential NOW up to 75% LTV
AVM/Desktop to 75%LTV for remortgages
 Rates from 3.80%
Loans £25,000 to £500,000
Lend on non-standard property types
Will accept missed payments/CCJ’s etc
 Self employed income on recent accounts
As always please give the team a call if you would like to discuss a new enquiry – 02380 456999
Thanks, don’t exercise too much & stay safe.
Residential          New Enquiry                               02380 450509 / 02380 450514 / 02380 450182

Buy To Let           New Enquiry                               02380 450514 / 02380 450182 / 02380 450509

Bridging & Commercial      New Enquiry                  02380 450502 / 02380 450513
*These product types are restricted by some Networks.