Complete FS welcomes Magellan

Mortgage distributor, Complete FS, has welcomed the launch of new lender Magellan Homeloans. Complete will provide the initial support for members of Magellan’s network partners, wishing to use the new lending products.

Complete FS is one of a small number of distributors appointed to handle enquiries from AR’s of networks. Complete will be providing support to members of In Partnership, Whitechurch and Intrinsic.

According to Tony Salentino, Director at Complete FS, the launch of any new lender is a cause of celebration.

He said, “New lenders are more of a rarity these days, so it with great pleasure that we welcome Magellan to the market. With their clear strategy of targeting those clients who have suffered a devastating one off event, which has compromised their credit rating but can explain the reasons and demonstrate they have their affairs back in order, Magellan is to be congratulated for filling a big gap in the market.”

Tony added, “Too many people have been effectively denied access to mortgages because high street lenders are only interested in the credit score rather than the reasons behind the data. Hopefully, we are seeing the start of a more inclusive mortgage market.”

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