Complete FS announces partnership in One Mortgage System

Complete FS, the South Coast based packager, has announced it is a partner and shareholder in OMS, having provided valuable input into the OMS project together with fellow packager and lead developer, AToM.

Complete FS, is the second packager, after AToM, to go live with One Mortgage System (OMS) and has fully integrated the new platform into its existing processes.

The launch of Complete’s BORIS v2, which includes full OMS integration, means that brokers and existing introducers now have access to the most sophisticated end to end facility for sourcing, enquiry, application and processing mortgages in the UK, according to Complete FS Director, Tony Salentino.

He said, “We are delighted to be in partnership with AToM, having helped in the development and launch of OMS. With the launch of BORIS v2, OMS is fully integrated into the latest version of BORIS, our own bespoke system. OMS means the end of rekeying data. Once the client information is keyed, it is the last time brokers will have to input the same data. OMS also offers one DIP form accepted by 28 lenders and brokers will be able to have access to bespoke versions, which will include support for a fully compliant sales process as well as GDPR.

AToM and Complete FS are two of the oldest and most respected packager/distributors in the market. OMS is built on nearly 50 years of our joint experience of what brokers want and with OMS we are proud to have developed what is probably the most effective set of tools for brokers wanting a full end to end facility available in the UK mortgage market.”

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