ProductGross Fee paid by lenderNet fee paid to regulated broker Net Fee paid to non-regulated & client referral service
Bridging (1st & 2nd chg)2.00%1.00%0.50%
Buy to Let (1st chg)1.25%0.625%0.3125%
Buy To Let (2nd chg) 1.25% 1.25% 1.25%
Consumer Buy To let1.25% (£7.5k max)0.625% (£3.750k max)0.375% (£750 max)
Commercial 1.25% 0.625% 0.3125%
Residential (1st chg)1.25% (£7.5k max)0.625% (£3,750k max)0.375% (£1,250 max)
Residential (2nd chg) 2.00% (£7.5k max) 2.00% (7.5k max) 2.00% (£4.5k max)

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